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What should you expect at your appointment?

Thorough Consultation: Our primary objective is to comprehend and achieve your desired hair goals. To ensure that, we will conduct a detailed consultation before every service. This will enable us to provide you with practical and professional recommendations that cater to your specific needs.


Refreshments: We offer complimentary refreshments during all services. For longer appointments, you are welcome to bring along your snacks.


Educational Tips + Maintenance, Re-Booking, Take-Home Products: Our aim is to ensure that you have everything you need to maintain your new look after leaving the salon. We will provide you with valuable tips on maintenance and pre-booking arrangements. We will also discuss take-home products that will help keep your new color looking fresh and fabulous!

**Before scheduling, please be sure to visit the Policy tab. By scheduling the guest is agreeing to all policies stated.

Specialty Color Services

*All specialty color services 1 bowl, one gloss, haircut and style.

Additional color fee: $15 per Bowl

Full Blonding 

Full Highlight + haircut offers exceptional coverage and lift, requiring medium maintenance.

Investment: $135+

Partial Blonding

Partial highlight + haircut provides both coverage and dimension, although is does require moderate maintenance. 

Investment: $115+

Custom Color

Natural color maintenance (Same category as balayage, lived-in color) + haircut performed to achieve optimal blending. Requires minimal maintenance. .*This service is also used as a correction service if you have any box color on your hair within the last 3-5 years. 

Investement:: $135+

Single Process Color Services

*All specialty color services one bowl, haircut and style.

Additional color fee: $15 per Bowl

All Over Color

Scalp to ends color + haircut, this is one solid color with no dimension. This services includes 2 bowls of measured color. Additional color bowls needed for an additional charge. Recommend upkeep of 4-6 weeks.

Investment: $115

Root Touchup

Base touch-up + haircut for 100% gray coverage. This service includes enough color to cover up to 1.5 inches of regret. If you have more than 1.5 inches additional color bowl fees will apply. Recommend upkeep of 4-6 weeks.

Investment: $90+

Hand-Tied Extensions

*It's important to note that our Extension installs do not include a hair wash. If you require a wash and styling service, kindly arrange for it in advance. Please note that this additional service is available for $40. 

1 Row Install

1 Row is to add thickness to your own hair. If you have thin, fine hair you can sometimes get away with one row.However, this installation may not be suitable for clients with thicker hair. *Hair Extensions are not included

Investment: $55

1.5 Row Install

The 1.5 Row technique is optimal for clients with thin, fine hair and uneven layers who desire a seamless blend.*Hair Extensions are not included

Investment: $83

2 Row Install

ANY time you are adding a significant amount of length, at least, 2 rows are REQUIRED *Hair Extensions are not included 

Investment: $110

2.5 Row Install

If you desire to add considerable length to your shorter hair, consider utilizing an additional 0.5 row to seamlessly blend with your natural layers and enhance the overall length. *Hair Extensions are not included

Investment: $140


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